Paul Zurkowski coined the term information literacy in 1974. He was not in the education field, but rather a business lawyer concerned with intellectual property. He saw that we were moving into an information age, and thought that if the US was to remain economically competitive, its people would need information skills. He advocated for a national program to develop information literacy. The article is a little weird to look at today, because the concept was just starting to be developed. But he had a statement in the middle of it that said that the value of information lies in the control it provides us over what we are and what we can be. His perspective was one of economics, business and consumers, rather than education, but I see in that statement an implication of transformation, what we are and what we can be, a transformation that occurs through education. 

Zurkowski, Paul G. 1974. The Information Service Environment Relationships and Priorities. Related Paper No. 5.